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High performance solders, Fluxes, PCB Chemicals
Samitech Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Of National Products Group

SEPL is National Products (NP) Group company with SIEMENS state of the art manufacturing facility engaged in contract manufacturing jobs (SMT & PTH) of PCB assemblies for OEMs.Our customers are from Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Automobile, IT industries, Power Electronics, Instrumentation and Energy Meters Manufacturing Industry.


Apart from SEPL, NP Group includes:

NATIONAL PRODUCTS (MANUFACTURING DIVISION): National Products manufactures wide range of Soldering Material as Solder Wires, Solder Sticks, Liquid Fluxes and Solvents from 1987. Due to its constant efforts NP has an established name in India. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

NATIONAL PRODUCTS (TRADING DIVISION): This division is involved in sourcing and marketing of Electronic Components and Soldering Tools. In very short span of time this division has achieved excellent growth rate. We have got expertise in sourcing of Electronic Components in order to reduce your BOM (Bill Of Material) cost.

SEPL's employees are dedicated to their customer's success and act as a responsive, flexible, and creative team. SEPL is committed to delighting its customers by implementing effective and efficient processes that start with a clear understanding of their wants and needs. To ensure the customer's expectations are met or exceeded, the company uses in depth satisfaction surveys as part of its closed loop customer feedback process.

SEPL provides the most advanced technology solutions that span the entire product life cycle. And we continuously add to our existing suite of technology services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. SEPL continuous to make significant investment in new process and product development and works closely with leading industries.

SEPL'S mission is to establish and nurture long - term, mutually beneficial customer partnerships by delivering the best total manufacturing services, solutions available. The transition to a work place consistent with these values and principles will take time, patience and ongoing participation from all of us. This will be a continuous process and there will be obstacles along the way but with be obstacles along the way, but with tolerance and perseverance we will succeed.
We firmly believe that our business principles will be an important factor to enhance the quality of your business.

When considering quality and delivery performance, SEPL is seeking customer delight rather than mere satisfaction.
You can totally trust on us for our full support where your PCB assembly products are concerned.