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High performance solders, Fluxes, PCB Chemicals

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At Samitech we are having fully Air conditioned, Dust free, ESD safe, assembly floor with SIEMENS Chip shooter & Pick and Place state of art line with DEK fully automatic screen Printer, SMT Germany Reflow oven and Automatic Loaders & Unloaders. In Thru whole Assembly line we have ESD safe conveyorised insertion (stuffing line) with Seho German wave soldering Machines, temperature Controlled soldering stations, Rework stations and LCR Meters etc.

We offer top quality of PCB assembly and Testing to exact customer specifications at competitive prices with guaranteed deliveries.

PCB ASSEMBLY: SEPL produces a variety of PCB Assemblies including Surface Mount, through-hole, Ball Grid Array and mixed technologies.

From low-volume and high-mix to volume manufacturing, PCB Assembly is a SEPL's core competency.

LEAD FREE ASSEMBLY: SEPL now offers a proven lead free PCB Assembly process for SMT and through - hole Technology azzemblier..

SYSTEM ASSEMBLY: SEPL offers a complete set of systems assembly services. We excels at producing high level electronic and electro-mechanical systems and assemblies

List of Machines
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